Institute For The Blind has its own constitution as well as free of other taxes.

About Us

About Amrtisar Blind School.

Human life is very precious Eyes are very important because without eyes a human beingwill not be able to observe the beauty of nature. For example, the way sun rises, blooming of beautiful flowers and face of mother who gave birth to him/her. Although knowledge provided to them is not visual but in a scientific manner so as to increase their self-confidence and increase their self-esteem so that they can serve the nation.

This blind school was framed in 1923 in sacred place i.e. Amritsar initially with one child by keeping in mind their requirements and necessity. It follows all the rules, regulations and governmental directions under the registered society.

Blind school has its own constitution as well as free of other taxes.

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Services & Facilities

Computer Education

Computer education is provided to our students by trained staff. We believe that our students should be second to none when the technical revolution is taking place. The students are suitably trained with the help of Braille software developed specially for the visually challenged.

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Braille Library

Blind School Amritsar has a Braille library in a 650 square feet hall in which a balcony has also been aesthetically constructed. At present more than 5000 books are available in the library. .

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